Past Event

IBM Research 2021 Summer Internship

October 22, 2020
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Columbia-IBM Center for Blockchain and Data Transparency

IBM Research 2021 Summer Internship

Come to our Intern Showcase to learn more: Thursday October 22, 4-5PM

Digital data is impacting all sectors, such as health, finance, retail, energy, legal, media and entertainment in significant ways. The proliferation of IoT devices has significantly grown the amount of data that can be produced and collected. Recent advances in AI have greatly increased the value of data. Yet, data can also be misused by not providing transparency and at other times underused by keeping them in silos due to lack of clarity around terms of use, security and privacy. How can we benefit from data while respecting the conditions imposed on use of the data?

Fortunately, technologies such as blockchain, homomorphic encryption, secure multi-party computation, zero knowledge proofs, and secure hardware now make it possible for mutually distrusting organizations to share their data with each other in a secure, privacy-preserving, and tamper-proof manner. Policies are emerging on data use and governance. Columbia-IBM interns spend their summer asking and developing solutions to enhance and develop the technologies and polices to solve this data dilemma. Come listen to the Summer 2020 interns discuss their projects and learn how to apply for the Summer 2021 internship.

Internships cover a breadth of focus areas, including:

Area 1 - Technology, systems and algorithms: Advances in cryptography, game theory, network science, machine learning, and distributed systems that enable and incentivize trusted privacy preserving data sharing & secure distributed computations

Area 2 - Business model, services and applications: Innovative applications of blockchain and data transparency technologies to create monetization frameworks for data sharing, including building or studying specific industry use cases

Area 3 - Policy, regulation, law and behavior: Fundamental legal and policy frameworks for distributed data sharing networks, and business models to create, sustain, and evolve these networks and their applications

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