The Columbia-IBM Center for Blockchain and Data Transparency brings together cross-disciplinary teams to advance innovation in blockchain & data transparency and closely associated topics for the good of society and industries that will drive new science and technology, develop thought leadership, and influence policy.

This center aims to support not just cutting-edge research in the underlying technologies that allow secure data sharing, but also invent new business models, services, and policies, and incubate start-ups that would commercialize the applications of these technologies.  With data as a new commodity and the capability to securely share data at scale, what new business models will emerge?  What new laws, policies, and regulations do we need as data marketplaces become commonplace and these new business models disrupt our economy? How will such services and applications affect user behaviors in creating, sharing and consuming data?

The center will support deep and broad research and development in a multi-layer, multi-faceted framework. At the high level, general issues concerning policy and regulation related to the emerging paradigm of data as natural resource will be investigated by a comprehensive team of faculty and researchers with cross-disciplinary expertise, independent of the specific technologies adopted in implementation. At the middle level, innovative business models, services, and applications will be fostered. At the practical level, cutting-edge technologies, tools, and facilities such as those enabled by blockchain or alternatives will be developed and evaluated through large-scale experimentation. Furthermore, education and training of the workforce for innovating and operating in the world where data is fluid and can enable various services will be addressed.