Past Event

Distinguished Lecture: Yi-Min Chee

February 14, 2019
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

The Foundations for Research Computing program at Columbia University, in partnership with the Data Science Institute, welcomes Yi-Min Chee, Chief Architect for the IBM Food Trust blockchain solution, to deliver a Distinguished Lecture in Computational Innovation at the Brown Institute.

Blockchain technology has moved beyond the realm of cryptocurrencies to start to address business problems for enterprises of all sizes. In this talk, Yi-Min Chee will give an overview of blockchain and the different types of blockchain networks in existence. He will discuss why blockchain is relevant for businesses, with a particular focus on permissioned blockchain networks. He will also introduce some use cases and actual blockchain solutions that are in production today. Finally, Yi-Min Chee will describe the typical components of a blockchain solution built on the Hyperledger Fabric, and cover some of the challenges and aspects that must be considered in the design, architecture, and implementation of blockchain-based solutions.

About Yi-Min Chee

Yi-Min Chee is a Senior Technical Staff Member and Chief Architect for the IBM Food Trust blockchain solution. He has been involved with architecting and developing blockchain-based solutions since 2015, and served as the technical lead for IBM's first production blockchain solution. Since joining IBM at the TJ Watson Research Center, he has worked in a variety of areas ranging from incremental compilers and programming environments for C++, to tools, interfaces, and standards for pen-based devices, and cognitive analytics for learning and computational creativity. He received his bachelor’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Master’s degree from Columbia University, both in Computer Science.

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